About Spectify and I

I am just a seventeen year old girl with too much activity in her mind.

Spectify: Okay I admit this isn’t a real word, but doesn’t that make it just that much more intriguing? I always look for a proper verb to define “to see perspective” and alas I have yet to find one so I defined it by Spectify. “To see perspective” is different than “to have perspective” as it is the opening to the possibility of perspectives, which is fundamental in order to understand people. When I googled Spectify it came up blank only suggesting “This question has not been answered yet. ANSWER IT” so here I am doing exactly as the great internet granted me to do, I’m answering not only the definition of Spectify but in turn showing perspective.

I am in some most ways a reductionist, although a bad one at that. I appreciate the simple things because often I find that the explanation is relevant to the matter but instead just acts as a barrier. I often contradict myself because I believe that there are always two sides to every story but in reality, it often doesn’t change the result, it effects only how we perceive it.

There are a few things I believe in most in this world and will without a doubt venture further into on Spectify:

1. If you want truly (I don’t mean just desire it but deeply above all want) something, you will do whatever it takes to get it

2. You ALWAYS have a choice

3. Never make accusing assumptions about people because you have no idea what is happening in their lives or what they really are like

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